We Are All Machines – Mission and Vision

January 28, 2013 at 6:36 pm

We Are All Machines is a collective of conscientious artists crafting and blending multifaceted music, literature, and other accompanying art works toward the end of bettering humanity through creative expression.


We Are All Machines envisions growing as an industry leader and purveyor of thought provoking, envelope-pushing, and funky electronic music; further developing attitudes about the respectability of artistic expression through electronic media; expanding the political, social, and philosophical boundaries of our culture through music, songwriting, and performance art; and fostering positive attitudes of complete artistic freedom amongst our artists, encouraging exploration of any and all topics.

Creative Aspirations

We will, as a…

Record Label – Produce high quality, technologically progressive, and wonderful music for the album format.

Music and Book Publishing House – Create custom literary pieces to complement and add dimension to all of our musical releases.

A Sound Production Facility – Work closely with select business partners to produce and provide high quality musical pieces accompaniments to their art, film, literary, and other commercial works.

An Artistic Entity - Create videos and visual accompaniments for releases and live shows respectively and work with our artists to fully develop and assist in refining each unit of production including but not limited to music, literature, design, carpentry, painting, drawings, sculpture, videography, philosophy, technical progress, process development, and production technique.

Our Monthly Event

Aphotic Segment is a monthly music event in Detroit, produced by the We Are All Machines label. Our mission is to showcase a range of musical tastes, allowing the presenter to veer into a multitude of sonic directions, without the confines of a traditional club atmosphere. Too often, sound is presented myopically in a context that focuses on a particular scene or style. The current structure often serves to narrow the participant’s exposure, frequently at the expense of a broader spectrum of what exists or what may be.

We will attempt to parse the infinite, connect the musical dots of the past and present, and to present music in a fashion that is suitable for the listener’s total immersion.

Aphotic Segment is a free and re-occurring monthly event, that takes place every first Saturday of the month at Katoi, which is located in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood.