Aphotic Segment w/ Bill Spencer – 05/07/2016

May 7, 2016 at 9:47 pm


Aphotic Segment is settling into its new home quite nicely, as Katoi assumes the new venue status for our monthly listening event. We were lucky to have had Mike Medow sprinkle our eardrums with much alluring darkness last month and we look forward the next crate of outsider jams from the always talented community of deejays in Detroit.

This month, we welcome Bill Spencer to AS for the very first time and we couldn’t be more excited. Bill has been working in and out of music since time immemorial and doing it with some pretty acclaimed folks. If you’re on the prowl for some spicy deejay sets, then we highly recommend you visit Bill’s soundcloud page – https://soundcloud.com/billspencer

His mixes run the total spectrum of music. Whether it’s hip-hop, tropicalia, coked-out soft rock or dancefloor cuts, chances are, you’ll find them in Mr. Spencer’s record crate. We certainly like to embrace such record willy-nilly and couldn’t be happier to do it alongside a fine gent like Bill. Opening the night of music are resident deejays, Soren and Drew Pompa… and as always, this event is free to the public. Hope to see you there!

Saturday May 7th 2016
2520 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
No Cover

Aphotic Segment w/ Julian Kendall & Ali Berger

December 15, 2015 at 9:43 pm


Very excited for this new year edition of Aphotic Segment, as we’re featuring two of Detroit’s young and rising deejays / producers for a night of both live performances and record crate digs. On the palette for this January are locals, Julian Kendall and Ali Berger.

Julian Kendall has been quietly making waves in the music scene here in Detroit this past year. He co-produces the monthly dance party, Temple Trax, with him homie Con Man, which they host at Temple Bar. He also slings vinyl at Hello Records on Sundays, lending his vision to help curate the deep collection that has come to define the standard that Hello is known for. Julian has a penchant for Detroit jams, with heavy leanings towards boogie, r&b, and electro-funk. He’s a young cat but his knowledge and collection suggest that he’s been in the game for quite some time. We always look forward to his mix.

Joining him on the bill, is recent Detroit transplant, Ali Berger. Ali migrated to Detroit from Boston on the sole premise of enveloping himself with the legacy of Detroit music. He’s been dropping alot of great music lately, including cassettes, cds and vinyl for the likes of Virtual Urban Records, Sun Rad and Trackland Acid Dealerships. He released an acid thunderstorm last year, alongside of John Barera and Baltimoroder for Boston imprint, Zakim. Since arriving in Detroit, he’s been spotted hauling around a suitcase filled with his Boss Doctor Rhythm and that’s the kind of style that peaks our interests here at AS. He’s bringing out a live rig for this performance, so don’t sleep on this one folks!

Per usual, resident deejay, Soren and Drew Pompa will be opening the night of music with their fine selections. We look forward to seeing you. Always free, always key!

Sunday, January 3rd 2016
Nancy Whiskey
2644 Harrison St.
Detroit, MI 48226
No Cover

Aphotic Segment w/ Jackson Lee (Mystical Disco)

November 12, 2015 at 8:00 pm


Looking forward to December’s edition of Aphotic Segment and hope you are too. We’re pleased and excited to have our friend, Jackson Lee, join us for this month. It’s been far too long since he last played here and let me tell you, there’s been a whole lot of good music coming from this gent as of late.

Jackson Lee is the main conspirator behind the Memphis-born but Brooklyn-based imprint, Mystical Disco. His musical bend is heavily inspired by a combination of music frequencies. As a longtime Memphian, Jackson has drawn a great deal of inspiration from giants like Larry Heard, but as a general enthusiast music, Jackson has also been heavily influence by Detroit techno, British post-rave experimental and ambient stylings, as well as movie scores. His latest release on Mystical Disco, all analog of course, plays like a slower, druggier re-interpretation of the highly influential Analord records series by Aphex Twin. Pair that with his early Mystical Disco 002, which harkens back to the golden era of Strictly Rhythm and you have a producer / dj that is full of an unexpected but pleasant range.

In true Aphotic Segment fashion, expect to hear Jackson play a bouquet of mysterious records that he does not often reserve for other environs. There could be a hodge podge of early Memphis garage or dark ambience or even Berghain bangers. We’re not quite sure, but that’s all the more reason to join us. Opening the night of music will be resident selectors, Soren and Drew Pompa. Always Free, Always key!

Sunday December 6th 2015
Nancy Whiskey
2644 Harrison St.
Detroit, MI 48216
No Cover

Aphotic Segment w/ Justin Carver (Something Cold)

October 19, 2015 at 4:25 pm


Aphotic Segment is back again, and after a surprise addition to this past month’s roster. For those that missed, we featured live performances from Further Reductions and 51717. Paired against September’s Beau Wanzer / Prostitutes, it’s definitely not inaccurate to declare that we’ve thrown a couple of hum dingers the pat couple of months. Furthermore, we cannot express enough gratitude for the love that Detroit has shown AS these past two events, as they have panned out to be some of the best we’ve thrown at Nancy Whiskey, to this date! As such, hope to keep this momentum by selecting only the best musical minds, performers and record selectors.

For this month, we’re bringing it back local, featuring Something Cold founder and resident deejay, Justin Carver. Justin has spent the better part of the past two decades collecting and studying all music that falls under the umbrella of minimal synth, cold wave, post-punk and industrial. He has become Detroit’s sole purveyor of this sound, helping to ascend its popularity from years of perpetual obscurity and into the ears of Detroit folks across the electronic and punk music persuasions. We’ve had the pleasure of playing records with Justin a few times and his selections are always proper. We’re not particularly sure which direction Justin will take for this month’s AS, but that’s all the more reason to join us. Resident deejays Soren and Drew Pompa, open the night of music stylings. We kick things off at 10pm. Always free, always key!

Sunday, November 1st 2015
Nancy Whiskey
2644 Harrison St.
Detroit, MI 48216
No Cover