Self-Titled Label of the Month: The Bunker New York

October 2, 2014 at 5:30 pm
Photo Credit: Seze Devres

If you’re a electronic music enthusiast and you’ve found yourself in Brooklyn eagerly anticipating a sweaty techno party, chances are that a friend has directed you into the dark environs of a Bunker party. The weekly turned monthly Bunker events started in 2003 and were the brainchild of Bryan Kasenic, a native Pittsburgher, who relocated to New York in the late 90′s. From its inception at Manhattan’s Subtonic, Bryan Kasenic has grown the Bunker into one of the most internationally acclaimed monthly events and a seriously kick ass record label, to boot. Bryan sits down with Self-titled Magazine to talk early musical inspirations, the evolution of the Bunker and how it has affected the electronic music landscape of New York. Oh yes, Bryan also contributed a stellar dj mix, featuring “Snow Day” off the newest We Are All Machines release, “What We’ll Be – Subject / Object”. Dig in!

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BMG – Live @ Aphotic Segment – 07/06/2014

September 30, 2014 at 4:53 pm

Brendan Gillen of Interdimensional Transmissions, offers this mind-bending mix recorded live at Nancy Whiskey. Classic and mental jams that are a compass of music trajectory, that is sure to have influenced Brendan’s vast oceans of knowledge.

Brendan captures his concept for the mix, masterfully:
“The concept of this mix is to create a cathartic listening experience through music that moves me – moves my mind, my emotions, my curiosity. In thinking of the context of Aphotic Segment, deep within Nancy Whiskey, one of Detroit’s oldest dive bars, I took an approach that is in stark contrast to my late night hypnotic sound system DJ sets, to create a set that moved the mind the way a dance set moves the body. I employed an anti-DJ technique of playing the songs without using time alterations like pitch or warp markers, everything is at it’s original recorded tempo and pitch, to retain the flaws and the flux of the music. Music for mental freedom. Emancipate your mind”


Buffy Saint-Marie “God is Alive, Magic is Afoot” (Leonard Cohen prose through the NYU Buchla) 1969
Queen “Ming’s Theme” Flash Gordon 1980
Antena “Sisséxa” Camino Del Sol (Les Disques Du Crépuscule) 1982
Fun Boy Three “Life In General (Lewe in Algemeen)” debut LP 1982
The Raincoats “No Side to Fall In” debut LP 1979
Durutti Column “Danny” Sordide Sentimental 7” 1981
Liliput “Umamm” debut LP 1982
Martin Hannett “First Aspect Of The Same Thing” 1980 Factory flex disc
Mahavishnu Orchestra “Steppings Tones” The Lost Trident Sessions 1973
Azymuth “Esperando Minha Vez” debut LP 1972
Brian Eno + David Byrne “Regiment” 1981
La Tromba “Calaba Calabao” debut LP Colombia 1982
Liquid Liquid “Scraper” Optimo EP (99) 1983
The Congos “Congo Man Chant” 1977
The Flying Lizards “Hands 2 Take” featuring Michael Nyman 1981
C Cat Trance “Shake The Mind” Ink 12” 1986
Carlos Perón “Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted” 1984
In Aeternam Vale “Metal” 198?
CHBB “Go Go Go” Chrislo Haas, Beate Bartel cassette tape 1981
Hypnobeat “Giving Head to Kilian” cassette 1984
Drexciya “Antivapor Waves” Rephlex 1994
La 1919 “Senza Tregua” cassette 1985
Chrome “March of The Chrome Police” Half Machine Lip Moves SF 1979
Prince “Jerk Out” unreleased version 1981/85
Pervtech “Webcam Freakshow” 7” UR 2004
The Hooterville Trolley “No Silver Bird” Albuquerque 7” 1968
Silver Apples “Lovefingers” debut LP 1968
Rema Rema “Rema Rema” 4AD 1980
The Cramps “New Kind of Kick” 7” 1981
Son Palenque “Palenque Palenque” Afro-Colombian 1985
The Younger Generation “We Rap More Mellow” 1979
Jeff Phelps “Super Lady” Magnetic Eyes 1985
Silicon Soul “Who Needs Sleep Tonight” 12” 1981
Roland S. Howard “Breakdown (And Then…)” Teenage Snuff Film 1999
Young Marble Giants “N.I.T.A.” Peel Session 1980

What We’ll Be – Subject / Object – OUT TODAY

August 26, 2014 at 7:18 am


Artist: What We’ll Be
Title: Subject/Object
Format: 12”
Release: WAAM02
Physical Release: August 26th 2014
Purchase: Crosstalk International

A1) Clara Moonglow’s Magic
A2) Opener For A Yoshi Maru Dragon Year
B1) Snow Day
B2) Yoshi’s Quaalude

What We’ll Be is Pipé Scuttleworth and Jeremiah Klinger, teaming up for their first We Are All Machine’s release.  Entitled Subject/Object, this latest EP features four meticulously crafted songs suitable for a range of live environments.  Whereas Scuttleworth distills frenetic beats and chirping melodies, Klinger complements the spastic with calm reminiscent of Caribbean waters, fashioning layers of rhythmic sound and washing bass lines, until they switch instruments and reverse roles. With no parameters, few rules, and the desire to craft for pure, unadulterated love of creation, the music flows from an unconstrained process organically like a conversation between old friends, nuances unfurling with each subsequent listen, like flavors from a lost vintage.

Although What We’ll Be may appear to be asymptotically nearing the brink of madness due to the seemingly conflicting elements emblematic of their work, reality is not so simple. Digital and analog embrace as the richness of vintage synthesizers dance within the wonderful grooves, while machine tinny-ness reaches magnificent peaks. Ebbing low-end troughs scour depths as majestic crescendos graze the skies of Subject/Object, often passing one another alarmingly close under the dangerous cover of darkness. Tribal beats weave between 808 kicks.  Ethereal pads cower to grinding madness only to again overtake them, under reverberating waves. Beauty is pierced by bellicose thuds of rhythm walls, and yet it all falls perfectly into place.

We Are All Machines is delighted to present What We’ll Be’s first of many wild sermons of pulsating rhythms, Motorik beats, and bastardized found sounds to the temple of machinations in your mind. Open yourself to be inspired by cosmic robots and What We’ll Be just might bring them to you.

Karl Meier – Live @ Aphotic Segment – 08/03/2014

August 7, 2014 at 11:31 pm


Karl Meier is one of our favorite minds, guiding us in this journey of self-discovery.  He’s a  producer, dj, and partner in one of Downwards Records newest recorded projects, Talker.  Karl recorded a bone-crushing mix at this past Sunday’s Aphotic Segment, marking his first ever performance in Detroit. The recording is a marathon tracklist of industrial inspired, cavernous techno jams spanning nearly three decades, marking Mr. Meier as a curator that not only hones his craft with great flawlessness but presents his sets in a way that conveys historical context. Quite an inaugural performance.

Live @ Aphotic Segment, Detroit, 8/2014 by Karlpmeier on Mixcloud

1. TALKER “Black Snake” (Downwards, 2014)
2. VAINIO/VAISANEN/VEGA “Medal” (Blast First, 1998)
3. GESLOTEN CIRKEL “Secret Area” (Murder Capital, 2014)
4. DEMDIKE STARE “Procrastination” (Modern Love, 2014)
5. CHARLES MANIER “Bopside – For Chrislo & Beate (Kode, 2013)
6. CHEVEL “The Wall” (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2014)
7. BRONZE TEETH “Glass Tooth” (Diagonal, 2014)
8. GESLOTEN CIRKEL “The Hole – Transportation AAD Remix” (Berceuse
Heroique, 2013)
9. CLOCK DVA “Kabaret 13.1 – Frank Bretschneider Remix” (A.R.M. Comm, 2014)
10. CUB “CU2 – Version 2″ (Downwards, 2014)
11. REGIS “Blood Witness” (Blackest Ever Black, 2011)
12. UGANDAN METHODS/PRURIENT (Downwards forthcoming, 2014)
13. ARCHAE & GROVSKOPA “Dwell/Dive” (unreleased)
14. ANSWER CODE REQUEST “Haul” (Ostgut Ton, 2014)
15. LAKKER “Static & Amp” (Blueprint, 2012)
16. TRUS’ME “W.A.R. Dub – Ben Klock Remix” (Prime Numbers, 2012)
17. JAMMIN’ UNIT “Super Spy” (Rising High, 1995)
18. ZEITGEBER “Now Imagine” (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2013)
19. FAMILY LOUNGE “Kamakasi Pt. 5″ (Kanzleramt, 2001)
20. PAUL DU LAC “Backstreet Boy” (Bio Rhythm, 2013)
21. SANDMAN “Machines Like This” (Take The Eleveator, 2014)
22. LUCIANO “Chirimoya Alegre” (Mental Groove, 2001)
23. GESLOTEN CIRKEL “Yamagic” (Moustache Techno, 2011)
24. LOCUST “It Is Called Peace” (Apollo, 1994)
25. THE HOUSEFACTORS “Play It Loud” (Black Market, 1988)
26. ADAM BEYER “Keff – Abstract Soul Remix” (Planet Rhythm, 1997)
27. DETTMANN & KLOCK “Blank Scenario” (Ostgut Ton, 2007)
28. TECHNASIA “Final Quadrant – The Cosmic Beats” (Technasia, 2006)
29. USER “3″ (User, 1999)
30. DETROIT DIESEL “Moto-Rmx” (Dum, 1995)
31. TESSELA “Butchwax” (R&S, 2014)
32. ZENKER BROS. “Mount Eleven” (Ilian Tape, 2014)
33. MLO “2 Voyages – Ashley Beedle’s Martial Concrete Funk” (Aura
Surround, 1996)
34. REDSHAPE “Zteel” (Running Back, 2014)
35. CARL CRAIG “Science Fiction – A Break For You” (Blanco Y Negro, 1995)
36. ASUSU “Velez – A Made Up Sound Remix 2″ (Livity Sound, 2014)
37. IZZY & KIT (?)
38. THE ADVENT “Fast Lane” (Kombination Research, 2000)
39. REGIS (unreleased track)
40. MARCEL DETTMANN “Apron – Planetary Assault Systems ‘Rhythm’ Mix (MDR, 2014)
41. YOR “Torn” (Creme Organization, 2014)
42. EDVARD GRAHAM LEWIS “The Start Of Next Week” (Editions Mego, 2014)
43. SCIAHRI “The Dream Is True” (Ilian Tape, 2014
44. BENJAMIN DAMAGE “Acid Bath” (50Weapons, 2014)
45. EXIUM “1996″ (Warm Up, 2010)
46. KOTAI “Run Alone” (WMF, 2002)
47. SHIFTED “Pulse Incomplete” (Bed Of Nails, 2013)
48. PERC “Take Your Body Off – Tessela Remix” (Perc Trax, 2014)
49. AUTECHRE “pce freeze 2.8i” (Warp, 2010)
50. PORNOTANZ “Cysex – Gate Edit” (New Zone, 1991)
51. EDWARDS & ARMANI “Body Drill” (MG, 1989)
52. HODGE “Resolve” (Punch Drunk, 2013)
53. PHOTEK “Glamourama” (Astralwerks, 2000)
54. CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE “Flying Turns” (Press, 1981)
55. FACTORY FLOOR “Two Different Ways – Perc remix” (DFA, 2012)
56. CHARLES MANIER “Sift Through Art Collecting People” (Kode, 2013)
57. NEW ORDER “5-8-6 – Peter Black Edit” (Electropolis, 2006)
58. LEGOWELT “Rave Till Dawn” (2012, Clone)