WAAM Boom Pow Cast 02 w/ Pipé Scuttleworth

December 14, 2013 at 8:31 pm


Every winter we re-align our minds and senses, as we forfeit our bustling lives to the confines of our cozy homes and studios.  Our mental processes shift speeds to a state of heightened ambitions resulting in increased productivity and an abundance of musical creativity.  This is what we consider as the sewing the seeds of sonic goodies which we then harvest at winter’s end, our reverse crop.

Packages dart from all corners of the globe and from the far reaches of the sonic-sphere.  And we know one fellow happy as a clam to be at the receiving end is a true train-spotting and certifiable record obsessive, ole uncle dad, Pipé Scuttleworth. It’s been an eon (not really, but kinda) since uncle Scuttles recorded a mix of tasty vittles for your ears, but trust, he’s been collecting some bombs and exhibiting restraint until the target is aligned perfectly in the cross hairs.

Over his dj hiatus, Pipé has been further exploring his interest in the dreamy worlds of Balearic, Italo, synthwave, and house music.  He manages to unearth the best of these respective worlds and blends them much like a comforting pot of winter stew, warming your innards with an difficult to achieve authentic future retro.  In just a short period of time (clocking in at 41 minutes), Pipé Scuttleworth conquers just about every direction that a mix of this style can traverse.  It’s a slow-burnin’, hypnotic, and chuggin’ headcase before taking a turn for a funky, techno-centric finish.  There’s a dandy of a moment when Ron Jason and Kim Ann Foxman’s newest Love Fever record seamlessly flows out of Earth’s Area 9; a fine peak to a proper mix.  This is for fans of Beats in Space.  Dig it!

01) Lindstrom – Where you go I go too
02) Invisible Conga People – Cable Dazed
03) Pacific Horizons – Title Missing
04) Pigna – Hero
05) Luca Belloni presenta Cellophane
06) Patrick Cowley – Primordial Landscape
07) Paradis – Hemisphere
08) Automan – Be Thankful
09) Earth – Area 9
10) Ron Jason & Kim Ann Foxman – A2R
11) Recloose – Mym 230

[DOWNLOAD] A Muddy Bourgeois Derby Dance

September 29, 2013 at 2:18 pm


It was the middle of the afternoon in May, air was thick with plumes of Detroit smoke. An ominous vibe peered upon the horizon, eventually enveloping your entire senses. Ah yes, a freak show if you will, plotted in anticipation every spring. A savage treatment of the equestrian breed bestowed upon by even the most inferior kind of little men and their barbaric slave masters. The vicious prancing of all the affirming Kentucky bourgeoisie clad with holy regalia, in spite of such abominable and imminent weather.

You betcha’, it was derby day and they were down for a dance. All of a sudden, wide brims and pink maniacs begin chanting “Fail We May, Sail We Must” and the race is on! It bends and warps as it torpedoes for a slick minute; then eases and snaps a crank like an elastic rubber band, until your face becomes brainwashed.

the inconceivable and visual scarcity of this imagery; the climactic and colossal finish of historic proportions, which cultivated the most unusual of celebrations. Their swagger in those alligator boots, aloof the muddy courts of their abiding animals. THE ASSHOLES HAVE WON DAMMIT!…. THE ASSHOLES HAVE WON! But don’t go betting your ass on the bourgeoisie when “Old King Appaloosa of Horsidia” comes creepin’ on back. Oh yeah, the king will have his day!

Mixed By: Drew Pompa
Length: 1:39:08
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320 KBPS
Link: Download

1. Radical Majik – Spread the Hot Potato (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
2. Tim Fairplay – Know U Jack (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
3. Grackle – Desert Acid (Musiccargo Remix)
4. Casco – Stop
5. Les Aeroplanes – Il’s Disent Que L’Orient Est Rouge
6. Cage & Aviary – Television Train
7. Karma – Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix)
8. They Came From the Stars I Saw Them – Moon Song (King of the Town With Moonbeans in His Crown Mix)
9. Peter Kruder – Before Night Falls
10. Gay Marvine – Certain Things (Secret Mixes Fixes 11 b)
11. Atmosfear – What Do We Do (Club Mix)
12. The Emporer Machine – Repetition
13. Chicken Lips – Do It Proper
14. Shriekback – My Spine Is the Base Line
15. The Emperor Machine – Rimramramrim
16. B Beat Girls – For the Same Man
17. Visual – The Music Got Me (Instrumental)
18. Touch – Love Fixation (Dub)
19. Tevo Howard – Laboratory
20. Redshape – Unfinished Symmetry Part 1 & 2
21. Black Devil Disco Club – In Sorrow (Brain Machine’s Lucifer Rising Dub)
22. Colder – Silicone Sexy
23. Andrew Weatherall – Fail We May, Sail We Must
24. Lukas Nystrand & The Ageema Bu – Knivar
25. Pink Skull – Chicken Dream Inside Egg
26. Sal P & BMG – Credit Cards
27. Felix with Arthur Russell & Nicky Siano – Tiger Stripes
28. Random Factor – Digitize (The Emperor Machine Vocal)
29. Stereolab – Dear Marge

The Siege – Conditions | Available Today

April 16, 2013 at 3:23 pm


There is little more definitive for a nascent record label than having match catch flame on its opening strike. The We Are All Machines (WAAM) motto is that it is better to greet each day, each person, and each piece of art with constant fervor than to find yourself at the business end of a world gone mad. Go for the gusto, even if fortune buries you in the muck of trenches or sweeps you into the abyss.

In keeping with this motto, WAAM’s founders and creative engine, Drew Pompa and Pipé Scuttleworth, are proud to announce their latest vinyl release as The Siege, entitled “Conditions”. This record is a concept album that tells the story of soldier, Roland H. Brewer, as he returns home from war, paranoid and unable to adjust to society.  A captivating six tracks, this mini-lp seamlessly weaves guitar lines, rhythmic percussions, drones, pad synthesizers, and a host of other found sounds into a hauntingly beautiful sonic brocade of melody emitting the shadowy energies of post-punk and dark wave. While the album displays hints of indie rock, techno, and many other elements, no single style overpowers the aesthetic, and the sound remains staunchly in the vein of experimental electronica.

The Siege painstaking distilled sounds for this record from countless corners and constructed this album organically, over time.  The Siege also believes in allowing the music to occur through the natural order of things, preferring to let vocals and rhythms present themselves rather than forcing synthesis or following trends, which we find is so often the case among the vast oceans of today’s music.  These sounds ooze passion, and brother’s Drew and Pipé are unafraid to show the roots from which their original musical inspirations grew. In the end, “Conditions” is a journey well worth the travel, encompassing the dark and rugged spirits of Manchester and Detroit, but also the trailblazing ingenuity of futures to come.

Purchases for the release can be made at the following links below:

The Waam Shop

Midheaven / Revolver Mail Order

WAAM Boom Pow Cast 01 w/ Drew Pompa

April 11, 2013 at 4:59 am


Podcast “right” up? Come on man.


Well hey, it can sometimes be a rough go your first time out.  You’re learning the ropes, finding your groove, and gaining knowledge through practice.  Further, there is the mental pressure of trying to convey your intent clearly and succinctly while maintaining a high-level of technical proficiency.  Here, at WAAM, we pride ourselves on a basic knowledge of many things and a fairly robust interest in music, art, and technology.  As a result, we take our musical craft very seriously and will be using the WAAM Boom Pow Cast to convey that passion and share with you mixes and live sets from, and interviews with, those we find to be producing and compiling good things.

Drew Pompa delivers our first installation here at the WAAM Boom Pow Cast and a barn stormer of spacey darkness.  Eschewing the traditional electronic label format, Drew has created a string of oddities and left-field curveballs spanning from Dutch Acid to Cold Wave with a few splashes of home-made flavor, just for good measure.  Compared to our mixes of old, Drew is displaying a depth, in both groove and track selection, which frequently, and ruefully, often takes a second chair to trend and technicality these days.  That said, it seems ridiculous to try and subjectively describe something that only you can feel for yourself, so just listen and enjoy.

01) The Siege – The Spirit of New York Has Burrowed a Black Hole Through My Soul
02) Seefeel – More Like Space
03) Javelin – Moscow 1980
04) Robert Rental – Double Heart
05) Malaria – Your Turn to Run
06) Delta 5 – Colour
07) Amen Dunes – 1985
08) Horrid Red – Nothing in the Heart
09) The Soft Moon – Remember the Future
10) Total Control – Paranoid Video
11) Matthew Dear – Earthforms
12) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Revolution’s A Lie
13) Rude 66 – Die Starke Der Vernichtenden Schlage
14) The Siege - These Are Just Things, But We Are Transcendent
15) Boards of Canada – In A Beautiful Place
16) John Foxx and the Maths – Moderno
17) Tones on Tail – Rain
18) Jega – Subdivision Surfaces