Aphotic Segment in Metro Times

September 30, 2014 at 5:35 am


Hot diggity damn! Lots of love siphoning this way lately and as a result, we’re overwhelmed with mountains of joy! What it is that we’re speaking of well, the old monthly cacophony at Nancy Whiskey, that’s what, and we couldn’t be more excited then ever. Arts and Culture writer at the Metro Times, Lee Devito, takes a moment to introduce Metro Times readers with our Aphotic Segment and to talk about what tracks move and shake our tail bones. You can access the article at the link below.

Aphotic Segment in Metro Times

Modern Love Tour Press

September 15, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Andy Stott

This past week has been quite the promotional whirlwind, leading up to mid-week’s Modern Love records showcase with Andy Stott and Demdike Stare. There has been quite a buzz about the artists, who are making their debut performance in Detroit this Wednesday. Among those offering up their promotional support are Detroit’s WHPR 88.1FM as well as local alternative magazine, Metro Times. MT arts and culture writer, Lee Devito and radio host, Tina Nelson, sits down with WAAM co-founder, Drew Pompa and friends to discuss this week’s highly anticipated showcase. Below, you’ll find a link to the MT article and a video interview for 88.1FM.

Metro Times Article

Pork & Pie To Bridge the Digital Divide

June 5, 2014 at 4:59 pm


We Are All Machines co-founder, Pipé Scuttleworth, is moving on and moving up in the professional world these days, leaving behind the banal and soul-crushing corporate world for more meaningful community work. Along with partner Mazie Soto, the two have established a new non-profit learning center in Chicago called the Technocratic Learning and Collaboration (“TLC”) Center. TLC’s mission is to help middle school aged students from underserved communities improve their academic performance through positive motivation, collaboration, and holistic learning by utilizing technology as a way to bridge the digital divide. They are hosting a fundraiser in just a couple of weeks and could use your support.

Join the Technocratic Learning and Collaboration Center for a night of fundraising fun at Bang Bang Pie on June 21, 2014. Bang Bang will provide the space and pie, Vas Foremost Liquors will provide wine, We Are All Machines will provide the music, and you all will provide the fun and good conversation. All proceeds will go to TLC’s programming, development, and technology costs.

Purchase tickets for the event, HERE. For more information about TLC visit their website at www.tlcchi.org

Powell – The U.S. Tour Begins

February 28, 2014 at 7:08 am


Touring acts nowadays that really get the hairs a raising over here at We Are All Machines, seem to flow with infrequency.  In fact, so infrequent, that we occasionally find ourselves traveling over state borders or flying across the country just to satiate our starving eardrums.  As such, It comes with overwhelming exhilaration when we’re given the opportunity to facilitate a show in Detroit, that we would have otherwise, traveled galaxies to witness.

One of these recent tours to catch our attention, features the elusive London-based, Oscar Benjamin Powell, known simply as Powell.  His Diagonal Records catalog, solo production work, and remixes for Silent Servant and no-wave cult minimalists, Ike Yard, have raised a few eyebrows over the past year.  Powell’s wryly, bone-dry industrial-influenced techno, is making the case as most unique amongst the infinite ocean of electronic music these days, but what might be the most astounding thing about Powell’s sound is the sheer magnitude of influence that permeates and codes the music.

A steward of New York bands from the 80′s, including acts such as DNA, Theoretical Girls, and Suicide, aided with his experience of growing up in the United Kingdom during the rise and fall of rave, industrial and jungle music, Powelll has evolved his approach to music-making by combining all of these inspirations, until the essence of the influence has been extracted and twisted into a hypnotic repetition of fractured drums and bass-heavy synths.  His track, “Oh No New York”, which was named one of Fact Magazine’s 50 best records of 2013, symbolizes this kind of spirit.


For even greater understanding of these musical leanings, look no further than his most recent dj sets for the Boiler Room, Diagonal Records, and Fact Mag.  Powell’s keen awareness for knowing his records front to back and as well as his admiration for the craft of record collecting, allows the him to speak his influences in a honest, yet rebellious fashion.  We don’t hear a mix every day that seamlessly blends minimal wave, funk, metal, techno, and jungle, but when it happens, we usually remember it quite well.  Indeed!

We Are All Machines along with friends nospectacle, will be hosting Powell for his first ever U.S. tour on Friday, March 7th in the basement of St. Cece’s.  That’s located in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit.  Joining the musical curation is WAAM resident Drew Pompa and Something Cold dj’s Daniel Stolarski and Justin Carver. We highly encourage you to join us for this exciting evening of rare selections, occult jams, and twisted sonic outputs.  In you’re not in the Detroit area, and you’re interested, you can check out his handful of other dates here – http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=22419