The Siege – Conditions | Available Today

April 16, 2013 at 3:23 pm


There is little more definitive for a nascent record label than having match catch flame on its opening strike. The We Are All Machines (WAAM) motto is that it is better to greet each day, each person, and each piece of art with constant fervor than to find yourself at the business end of a world gone mad. Go for the gusto, even if fortune buries you in the muck of trenches or sweeps you into the abyss.

In keeping with this motto, WAAM’s founders and creative engine, Drew Pompa and Pipé Scuttleworth, are proud to announce their latest vinyl release as The Siege, entitled “Conditions”. This record is a concept album that tells the story of soldier, Roland H. Brewer, as he returns home from war, paranoid and unable to adjust to society.  A captivating six tracks, this mini-lp seamlessly weaves guitar lines, rhythmic percussions, drones, pad synthesizers, and a host of other found sounds into a hauntingly beautiful sonic brocade of melody emitting the shadowy energies of post-punk and dark wave. While the album displays hints of indie rock, techno, and many other elements, no single style overpowers the aesthetic, and the sound remains staunchly in the vein of experimental electronica.

The Siege painstaking distilled sounds for this record from countless corners and constructed this album organically, over time.  The Siege also believes in allowing the music to occur through the natural order of things, preferring to let vocals and rhythms present themselves rather than forcing synthesis or following trends, which we find is so often the case among the vast oceans of today’s music.  These sounds ooze passion, and brother’s Drew and Pipé are unafraid to show the roots from which their original musical inspirations grew. In the end, “Conditions” is a journey well worth the travel, encompassing the dark and rugged spirits of Manchester and Detroit, but also the trailblazing ingenuity of futures to come.

Purchases for the release can be made at the following links below:

The Waam Shop

Midheaven / Revolver Mail Order

Conditions – Available for Pre-Order

April 11, 2013 at 3:57 am


The predicament, or challenge, for people like us and for our kinds of people, seems to be the fine line that we walk everyday, in every facet of our lives.  We are breathing, living, walking embodiments of not just duality, but polyality.  Achieving transcendence through intoxication versus maintaining clarity and sense of presence, striving for true personal freedom versus risk aversion and security, looking forward to future days versus reminiscing over past comforts.

Striking balance between competing thoughts and responsibilities is the essence of what we do and the root motivation behind our reflections, decision-making, and subsequent bouts of growth.  We push ourselves by considering possibilities, thinking about the causes and effects of our behavior, and how our lives condition our art.

We’ve created a new paradigm in which we focus on the minutiae of our craft, from creation, distribution, and live performance to collaboration, artistic inspiration, and the dissemination of our message.  We have found as our commitment to our projects deepens so too grows the caliber of our content, our relationships, and the interest in our music.  Embodying the benefits of renewed focus is that Mid-Heaven/Revolver is distributing our newest release, The Siege “Conditions.” “Conditions” is We Are All Machines’ inaugural release, and a thoughtfully crafted blend of electronica, experimental sounds, and future dance.  You can pre-order the album or pick it up on April 16th from Midheaven, by visiting the link below.

The Siege – Conditions (Pre-Order)

Art Of the Month

April 5, 2013 at 5:06 pm


We at WAAM are infused with creativity, more so now than ever.  Everything we see and hear inspires us. We are driven by intense purpose to develop, invent, and refine this label’s approach to music and art. This energy also allows us to explore fertile new realms and fruitful collaborations.

One of new approaches to inspiration, ripe with possibility, is to analyze and document what is currently inspiring us.   Such deep and detailed analyses allow us to truly explore and to share with all of you, who, why, and what is planting the seeds of ideas within our minds.  Influences, their impact, and the method in which they inspire, is the impetus driving our new “Art of The Month” section of our blog.

“Art of The Month” establishes a forum where we can share our inspirations with all of you.  Here, we can share art, trade stories, make connections, and extrapolate and create new ideas together. We hope that you are inspired, participate, and help us to expand our creative selves.

Midheaven / Revolver USA Distribution

March 5, 2013 at 5:14 pm


After weeks of waiting patiently, albeit with moments of sheer anxiety, We Are All Machines landed their first distribution contract with Revolver USA, for our inaugural release, “The Siege – Conditions”.  Based out of San Francisco, Revolver is a west-coast independent music distribution company that specializes in the total musical compass, all things awesome.   From Stereolab and The Jesus and Mary Chain, to Baths and the Black Lips, one quick perusal of their online catalog and you’ll likely to find your bank account greatly diminished.  On the bright side of things, at least you’ll have the best record collection on the block.

“Conditions” will be made available to all purchasers of vinyl on April 16th 2013.  Records may be acquired directly through Revolver’s mail-order website, Midheaven, or will most likely be found at your local record boutique.  Additional purchases may also be made through our WAAM Shop.