WAAM01 Album Preview

January 29, 2013 at 5:31 am


It felt like only yesterday that The Siege were following their interests in music, ruminating and dreaming of the day they’d publish their own original works.   Since this time, a time of fervor and angst and dedication, The Siege has forged ahead with this dream, creating a series of releases that exhibit their signature blend of doom guitar (bass and melodic), syncopating drums, and neuro-crazy-synth machine madness; the kind of madness that frees the constraints of the mind and renders time useless.

However gradual or fleeting a passing of memory, brothers Drew Pompa and Pipé Scuttleworth have made great use of this time by creating the We Are All Machines label; a new artistic direction that has propelled them far beyond the creative boundaries of their past.  Their new sense of ardor, along with a newly created enterprise, has redefined their approach to music and art.  If you like the drones and you like the drums, then you know their vigor has permeated every aspect of their newest release, “Conditions.”  Below is a sample of the album.  The release date is scheduled for April 16, 2013.