Self-Titled Label of the Month: The Bunker New York

October 2, 2014 at 5:30 pm
Photo Credit: Seze Devres

If you’re a electronic music enthusiast and you’ve found yourself in Brooklyn eagerly anticipating a sweaty techno party, chances are that a friend has directed you into the dark environs of a Bunker party. The weekly turned monthly Bunker events started in 2003 and were the brainchild of Bryan Kasenic, a native Pittsburgher, who relocated to New York in the late 90′s. From its inception at Manhattan’s Subtonic, Bryan Kasenic has grown the Bunker into one of the most internationally acclaimed monthly events and a seriously kick ass record label, to boot. Bryan sits down with Self-titled Magazine to talk early musical inspirations, the evolution of the Bunker and how it has affected the electronic music landscape of New York. Oh yes, Bryan also contributed a stellar dj mix, featuring “Snow Day” off the newest We Are All Machines release, “What We’ll Be – Subject / Object”. Dig in!

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