The Siege – Zama (WAAM-03) Available TODAY

August 23, 2016 at 3:51 pm


Third times a charm, so it has been said. The Siege returns for number three in We Are All Machine’s catalog and this dog hunts. WAAM 03, Zama, finds the Siege exploring the psychedelic frontiers of modern dance. With 3 representing creativity, optimism, and renewal, it has become illuminated, in retrospect, that the Siege was subconsciously driven to birth these three tracks about time travel, rejuvenation, emotional exhaustion spurred by creation, loss, overexertion, and hope, among other uniquely human themes.

Applying recently developed techniques, incorporating newfound vintage gear, and hitting their production stride, Zama is the Siege’s most vocal laden and richly textured work to date. Swirling dub, art funk, and minimal psychedelia all conspire in a dense, dance mélange reminiscent of slow braised pork mole; ostensibly simple, yet delightfully delicious.

The cresting pads, hypnotic, layered beats, post rock sensibilities, and absurdist art that have all burrowed into the Siege’s collective psyches for many decades are slowly revealing themselves in each new production they create. They keep searching back further and further to find deeper inspiration to go farther and you needn’t search beyond Zama to see the truth in this.

We Are All Machines