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We Are All Machines – Mission and Vision

January 28, 2013 at 6:36 pm

We Are All Machines is a collective of conscientious artists crafting and blending multifaceted music, literature, and other accompanying art works toward the end of bettering humanity through creative expression.


We Are All Machines envisions growing as an industry leader and purveyor of thought provoking, envelope-pushing, and funky electronic music; further developing attitudes about the respectability of artistic expression through electronic media; expanding the political, social, and philosophical boundaries of our culture through music, songwriting, and performance art; and fostering positive attitudes of complete artistic freedom amongst our artists, encouraging exploration of any and all topics.

Creative Aspirations

We will, as a…

Record Label – Produce high quality, technologically progressive, and wonderful music for the album format.

Music and Book Publishing House – Create custom literary pieces to complement and add dimension to all of our musical releases.

A Sound Production Facility – Work closely with select business partners to produce and provide high quality musical pieces accompaniments to their art, film, literary, and other commercial works.

An Artistic Entity - Create videos and visual accompaniments for releases and live shows respectively and work with our artists to fully develop and assist in refining each unit of production including but not limited to music, literature, design, carpentry, painting, drawings, sculpture, videography, philosophy, technical progress, process development, and production technique.

Our Monthly Event

Aphotic Segment is a monthly music event in Detroit, produced by the We Are All Machines label. Our mission is to showcase a range of musical tastes, allowing the presenter to veer into a multitude of sonic directions, without the confines of a traditional club atmosphere. Too often, sound is presented myopically in a context that focuses on a particular scene or style. The current structure often serves to narrow the participant’s exposure, frequently at the expense of a broader spectrum of what exists or what may be.

We will attempt to parse the infinite, connect the musical dots of the past and present, and to present music in a fashion that is suitable for the listener’s total immersion.

Aphotic Segment is a free and re-occurring monthly event, that takes place every first Saturday of the month at Katoi, which is located in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood.

What We’ll Be

October 15, 2012 at 4:08 am

WWB Press Kit | Bandcamp | Discogs | Soundcloud

The harder that you play, it seems, the more life demands of you. For that reason, What We’ll Be (WWB) keeps finding fascinations from strange hobbies every chance they’re caught digging their mitts into new proverbial cookie jars. Well, like my man Prince Vultan says, “who wants to live forever,” and to that we say ‘tis better to strike while the iron’s hot than to have missed an opportunity.

WWB is two restless gentlemen. One man: a drinker, a machine man, and the agitating line noise in an otherwise tranquil, meditative hymn. The other: a vegan, a carpenter, and a warm, mellow breeze in a cold, hard world. Respectively, they are Detroit native, technologist, and product of the third wave, Pipé Scuttleworth, and Chicagoan, Jeremiah Klinger, who stems musically from the early 90’s Chicago Punk scene. Pipé, a dj since the middle 90’s has produced as part of The Siege on both Blank Artists and We Are All Machines, his current label which he runs with his brother Drew Pompa. Jeremiah is an artist, designer, craftsman, musician and really a forever curious child poking his nose into all sorts of interests and disciplines. He is a member of the Brooklyn-based band, Gregor Samsa. He also creates under variations of the moniker, Ben and Alexander (the Champions). Their work in various art mediums, musical genres, and other disciplines over the course of several decades has resulted in WWB, a multi-faceted musical project without artistic or technical limit.

What started out as two gentlemen skulking away from group dinners down into Pipé’s studio, Six Demon Bag Studios, has morphed into an unstructured but fruitful endeavor. Despite apparent differences, the workspace, the work ethic, and the work product fall deeply into a graceful, serene focus when the creation bell tolls. Many times, hours can pass blissfully into the past with sounds reverberating, changing, and nimbly finding an eternal coziness within the confines of a composition. It is truly rare to find such opportunities for transcendence and we are eternally grateful that you’ve decided to join us on our journey.

Pipé Scuttleworth

October 15, 2012 at 4:07 am

Pipé Press Kit | Bandcamp | Discogs | Soundcloud

Sooner or later, in every man’s life, in every person’s life, one must willingly accept that there are things beyond control, totally out of anyone’s grasp. These immutabilities, despite every permutated solution mentally calculating the ubiquitous “what ifs,” cannot be changed. It is how we respond to these emotions which define us. These rites of passage can be maddening at times and creep into our dreams, inducing insomnia and robbing us of vital restorative hours, whittling our most personal hours into exhausted nothingness. It is our belief that anything that so gnaws at our psyches is worth exploring as deeply as one lifetime will allow.

Though Scuttleworth is a poly-talent, anxiety riddles his every thought.

“Am I squandering my life?”

“If I am, is it for lack of focus and perceived shortages of time?”

“Am I lazy or just inefficient?”

“Am I spreading myself too thinly?” he thinks.

Whatever our futures may hold, Pipé is dead set on accepting the onus for his actions.  Therefore, affirming in his commitment to narrow focus in order to bolster the quality of his artistic and humanitarian output, and to act on principle in the face of awkwardness, alienation, and detriment. Creation, destiny, reigning in fear of mortality, and finding existential meaning, are but some of the worldly concerns weighing heavy upon Pipé’s shoulders.  Relax, relax is always the cry in response to his unanswered questions of universal justness, the passage of time and the triumph of cruelty over kindness and consideration. This duality of life, the balance of peace, the war within ourselves and within the world, and also the constant internal Tug-o-war is Pipé’s muse, for better, but usually for worse.  He aspires to write songs inspired by beauty, but fury, indignation, and the theft of innocence usually drive his artistic visions. There is always an audience for such things, but relieving his psychic burdens is enough for him.

The Siege

October 15, 2012 at 4:04 am

The Siege Press Kit | Bandcamp | Discogs | Soundcloud

The Siege is not merely a joint musical venture between brothers Drew Pompa and Pipé Scuttleworth, it is the culmination of years of music absorption and a necessary condition for the continued happiness of both these crumbies. Perhaps they’ll one day release solo work, but right now, in this Universe, things are working out just fine. For fuck’s sake, they’re brothers.

Above all that, it may be a physical impossibility for them to create this insane type of noise without each other. Pipé is the miner, extracting hopelessly strange non-sense from caves and the ether and Drew is the painter, placing happy little trees never where you’d expect, but exactly where they’ve always belonged, proper shading and all. Certainly, this is a simplification of terms, as both operate in every conceivable role, often at the same time. Yet, there is an undoubted magic that occurs as a result of the collaboration.

Oh, and one final thing, for now at least: just because these fools act like ding-dongs, are prone to offensive displays of behavior, and cuss like sailors, don’t for a minute believe that they do not revere music and treat their own craft with the utmost respect and pride, they absolutely do!