Pipé Scuttleworth

October 15, 2012 at 4:07 am

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Sooner or later, in every man’s life, in every person’s life, one must willingly accept that there are things beyond control, totally out of anyone’s grasp. These immutabilities, despite every permutated solution mentally calculating the ubiquitous “what ifs,” cannot be changed. It is how we respond to these emotions which define us. These rites of passage can be maddening at times and creep into our dreams, inducing insomnia and robbing us of vital restorative hours, whittling our most personal hours into exhausted nothingness. It is our belief that anything that so gnaws at our psyches is worth exploring as deeply as one lifetime will allow.

Though Scuttleworth is a poly-talent, anxiety riddles his every thought.

“Am I squandering my life?”

“If I am, is it for lack of focus and perceived shortages of time?”

“Am I lazy or just inefficient?”

“Am I spreading myself too thinly?” he thinks.

Whatever our futures may hold, Pipé is dead set on accepting the onus for his actions.  Therefore, affirming in his commitment to narrow focus in order to bolster the quality of his artistic and humanitarian output, and to act on principle in the face of awkwardness, alienation, and detriment. Creation, destiny, reigning in fear of mortality, and finding existential meaning, are but some of the worldly concerns weighing heavy upon Pipé’s shoulders.  Relax, relax is always the cry in response to his unanswered questions of universal justness, the passage of time and the triumph of cruelty over kindness and consideration. This duality of life, the balance of peace, the war within ourselves and within the world, and also the constant internal Tug-o-war is Pipé’s muse, for better, but usually for worse.  He aspires to write songs inspired by beauty, but fury, indignation, and the theft of innocence usually drive his artistic visions. There is always an audience for such things, but relieving his psychic burdens is enough for him.