Aphotic Segment w/ Walter Wasacz + Special Guests

August 1, 2016 at 1:23 pm


Hello friends….. we are pleased to announce our latest installment of Aphotic Segment with good friend, Walter Wasacz. Perhaps you’ve saddled up to the bar at Katoi next to this wise gent and engaged in a romantic story about Detroit while sharing a bahn mi…. or perhaps not (although you’re missing out on one of the finest story tellers in the land).

Walter has influence that runs deep, whether it’s his stories about seeing David Bowie and Roxy Music for the first time. Whether it’s how he introduced us to psych rock and the new range of bands that encompass those leanings – think Toy and Total Control – or whether it’s first love affair with electronic music via the city of Detroit. This man always has a story to share and his record collection reflects this in such an astute manner. We’re always super pumped to have him out!

This month, residents Soren and Drew Pompa are taking the side lines and in their place are two very special guests. One of these guests will be debuting a performance for Aphotic Segment. The other….. well, we’re sure you’ve had a pineapple sheik or two with this weirdo (he also makes music with one of the residents, just a hint). Nonetheless, it should be a rager of mammoth proportions. Alyways free, always key!

Saturday, August 6th
2520 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216